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Willbox, Inc.

Willbox, Inc.




Willbox is a technology company that continues to contribute to the growth of shippers and logistics companies involved in international logistics. Our mission is to solve the logistics issues focusing in large cargo of industrial products. We invented digital platform "Giho" as a method of logistic awaiting solution for time, safety and money.

Merit of using "Giho"

1, Digitization of packaging
We digitize the packing technique of wooden boxes and steel, mandatory for international logistics, and incorporated them into our system. This has made it possible to digitize FCL transportation (one large cargo per container) which is unprecedented in the industry.

2, Logistics company database
We have a partnership and an algorithm that creates the database of logistics companies This enables our client to find the most suitable company per project.

3, New customer experience
By combining the technique of packaging and data of logistics companies, we digitized the work that freight forwarders took time and effort in implementing. This will realize the true sense of digitization from upstream to downstream of logistics.


Motonari kami Founder, CEO



As a digital platform for international logistics, this digitize freight forwarding operations completely, by combining Market place and SaaS that connects shipping and logistics companies.

Achievement in alliance

1, Logistics companies.
We are looking for a logistics company that can cooperate in database creation.

We are looking for a shipping company who is searching for a new logistics experience, or more efficient solution.

3, VCs and Investors
We want to meet investors who are interested in this market.




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