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SIRC Co., Ltd.

SIRC Co., Ltd.




SIRC is a company that provide new functions with unique multiplier devices; SIRC devices. These devices are high quality multi-functional small chips that can output power, power factor, harmonics, and frequency, in real time. The small size SIRC device can be installed in places where conventional sensors could not be installed. This provides a detailed power saving solution in a wide range of applications. In addition, SIRC is developing new functions using multiple functions, such as ultrasonic measurement, medical applications, and information processing devices. In the field of IoT, by disseminating SIRC devices as key devices, will enable other business to develop as highly value-added products and services, by connecting things with the Internet. This will ultimately contribute to create new industries. With SIRC devices, we strive to create a safer, smarter and more energy efficient and eco-friendly world.


Hiroaki Tsujimoto Founder / Chief Technical Advisor
Mariko Takahashi CEO


SIRC device

SIRC device can take out 4 elements: electric current, power, angle (orientation) and frequency in real time. We are setting up a user friendly IoT data service, that transact with mass sensing data that SIRC acquires through the device.

Achievement in alliance

Investors and Business Partners with focus to expand Globally: We’d like to enter the market for USA, EU, India, Africa and South America.




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