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mui Lab

mui Lab




mui Lab is a calm technology startup headquartered in Kyoto’s Ebisugawa-dori, the four-century-old “furniture district.” The company aims to create technologies that work just like a well-made piece of furniture; they are designed to accommodate humans’ natural and diverse body movements. mui Lab offers services in software and hardware design, for which the company draws inspiration from Kyoto’s traditions and aesthetics that have such an emphasis on a harmony with nature.


Kaz Oki Co-Founder, CEO
Mune Sato Co-Founder, CTO


mui: calm technology framework

“mui: calm technology framework” is the enabler of calm UI/UX on IoT devices as well as on internet services which will secure end-user’s digital well-being. Mui Lab has started to implement calm tech framework via hardware platform of mui M1 since 2020.

Achievement in alliance

  • Partners: Technology partners/integration partners who would be hardware solution companies as well as tech platforms, software providers and solution providers.

  • Investors: not only for funding but partners who will be emphasized with calm technology solutions by mui Lab will be welcomed.


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