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LiLz Inc.

LiLz Inc.




LiLz combine the technology on machine learning and IoT to reduce the fieldwork operations. Around the world, much of the work supporting our society is done out in the field. This type of work is typically labor intensive, thus at risk of being affected by declining workforce numbers. Our mission is to lessen the burden of our clients' fieldwork operations. We firmly believe that a tight integration of hardware and software is needed to achieve this goal. As the first step towards realizing our vision we developed LiLz Gauge, which combines low-power IoT cameras and machine learning to automate visual inspection of measuring instruments. We released "LiLz Gauge" in June 2020, and clients' feedback shows that the product significantly simplified their day to day operations.


Keigo Onishi CEO/Product Manager
Makoto Otsuka Research Scientist
Jakub Kolodziejczyk CTO/Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Taiki Nishime Machine Learning Engineer


LiLz Gauge

"LiLz Gauge" makes remote visual inspection possible with ultra-low power IoT cameras that have 3 years battery life, and machine learning.

Achievement in alliance

Early customers and Partners, willing to sell our services, or integrate our services into their services.
Our customers' target areas are equipment maintenance in fields such as chemical plants, oil plants, gas, power plants (wind power, thermal power, offshore wind power), factories, hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, department stores, etc.




Crunch Base

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