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KAICO, a Kyushu University startup, focuses on unique strain of silkworms that produce medical-use proteins in high yields and top quality. They produce those proteins for companies and researchers to use in medicines and vaccines of human and animal. They are build upon more than a century of silkworm breeding and research conducted at Kyushu University. There are over 450 inbred strains of silkworm in the University, and they selected several strains which can efficiently produce hard-to-express proteins. They have the unparalleled knowledge of both how to create recombinant proteins, which are of central importance to modern medicine, and also how to rear silkworms. They are confident on the technology that will be essential in combating newly emerging viruses. Their business is also environmentally sustainable, promoting local agriculture through the planting of mulberry trees, upon whose leaves the silkworms feed, and aim to be carbon negative, while producing medicines at industrial scale.


Kenta Yamato CEO
Toru Haraguchi Director
Hitoshi Ode Executive Sales Officer


  • Veterinary vaccines (under clinical trials)

  • SARS-CoV-2 vaccine / Norovirus vaccine (under non-clinical/ in vivo studies)

  • Oral(Edible) vaccines (under Non-clinical/ in vivo)

  • SARS-CoV-2 antibody test kit (Launched in 2020)

Achievement in alliance

Currently, focusing on the development of oral (edible) vaccines, searching for strategic and technical partnerships with animal feed companies, animal health companies and pharmaceutical companies.

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