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Integral Technology Co., Ltd.

Integral Technology Co., Ltd.




Integral Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007 in Osaka is a Japanese software company with as mission to enrich people’s lives by the power of manufacturing. We contribute to manufacturing through our unique automation system that improves entire manufacturing development efficiency. Our main product is an automated high-speed modeling system that works with existing CAE platform software that are mainly used by automotive companies worldwide. The advantages of using our product are shortening modelling time, saving developing cost, and to gain simple operation which enable a stable and high-quality output without CAE experts. Our clients achieved to cut 96% of modeling time by automating CAE process with our software.


Hirokazu Nishiura Founder, CEO


Fortuna Shell, Fortuna Solid, LATONA8

  • Fortuna Shell: Process assembly model of body-in-white in 15 hours.

  • Fortuna Solid: With automatic error modification and high-quality solid model output, assembled transmission will be received in 18 hours.

  • LATONA8: the patented technology, enables users to receive instrument panel in 20 hours.

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Achievement in alliance

Connection with automobile companies in Europe and US market. Currently have 3 agents in UK, US, and Korea and will start looking for some new partners in Europe in near future.




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