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iCorNet Laboratory Co.

iCorNet Laboratory Co.




iCorNet.Laboratory Co. is an academia driven medical device venture from Nagoya University Japan, developing the cardiac support net for heart failure (HF) and lethal arrhythmia. Our device for HF is taylored made for each patient and Manufactured by 3D knitting machine. It fills the treatment gap between ongoing drug therapy and heart transplantation, and is an alternative to VAD.Our device for lethal arrhythmia (ICD cardiac net with electroconductive fibers) can accomplished painless defibrillation (≦0.6J) in both large animal model and computer simulation. Both devices have possibility to be gamechangers of current treatments.


Toshiaki Akita CEO


Making device for HF, which is Patient-Specific Design and Manufactured by 3D knitting machine. The device for lethal arrhythmia (ICD cardiac net) can accomplish painless defibrillation (≦0.6J)

Achievement in alliance

1. Patient-Specific Cardiac Support Net for HF (estimated market size >$200 million worldwide) We are looking for business partner to get approval and cover distribution channel in US and EU.

2. Painless ICD Electrode Net for Lethal Arrhythmia (estimated market size >$2 billion worldwide) Looking for business partner for development.


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