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BionicM Inc.

BionicM Inc.




BionicM Inc. aims to provide high-functional robotic prostheses based on the humanoid robotics technology developed by Dr. Sun Xiaojun, Founder and CEO of BionicM, and an amputee, to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) of 10+ million of amputees in the world. 99% of prostheses in the world are non-powered prostheses, and users have many problems such as, being tired easily, afraid of falling down and not being able to walk beautifully. We solve these issues by developing the high functional prosthetic leg which utilize humanoid robotics technology.


Dr. Sun Xiaojun Founder, CEO



High-functional robotic prosthetic leg; Our technology provides motion assistance and natural movement which help amputees’ mobility, and solve the problems of non-powered prostheses.

Achievement in alliance

Searching for below 2:
1. Develop sales channel;
Though we have network in Japan and China where is our first target market, have less network with hospitals, rehabilitation centers and public organizations (ex. ministry of veterans’ affairs).

2. Understand and proceed Medical Device approval process;
We also want alliance with company or individuals who know Medical Device approval process in US/Europe. *Prosthetic Leg is recognized as non-Medical Device but Welfare Device in Japan and China where we launched the first product, which meant that sales certification as medical device is not required in these 2 countries. To expand the business to US/Europe, product need to be approved as Medical Device.

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