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Atomis Inc.

Atomis Inc.




Atomis Inc., focus on using our expertise in a new class of porous materials, called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), to address industrial gas storage and molecular separation challenges. These materials have extremely high surface areas, and could be customized at the molecular level to enable maximum performance under a wide variety of operation conditions. Currently we are developing a next-generation gas tank that uses MOF adsorbents as a storage support (Cubitan®). This enables the tank to be 75% smaller than a conventional gas tank. The cubic design also allows multiple units to be stored easily and stacked. Additionally, the product comes with “smart” features for efficient distribution and inventory management. Having numerous joint R&D projects with domestic (and some international) clients across a broad range of industries, enables us to deploy our suite of unique manufacturing methods to provide materials to address major and niche applications.


Daisuke Asari CEO, Chief Executive Officer
Dai Kataoka Chief Operating Officer
Kenji Sumida Chief Scientific Officer



Cubitan®, the next-generation adsorbent base gas storage device, harnesses the porous adsorbent within the material for compact storage, and easy stacking. The IoT device embedded in the case shows the location instantly, provide a digital readout of the pressure within the cylinder, etc.

Achievement in alliance

Searching for Partners such as gas distributors: We are looking to develop new markets for our cubic cylinder Cubitan®. There are region-specific challenges associated with infrastructure, regulations, and marketing that would benefit from a linkage to an entity as an international gas distributor with expertise in these areas.




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