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ANSeeN Inc.

ANSeeN Inc.




ANSeeN, a Shizuoka University startup, pursues the vision of “Making Invisible, Visible.” They challenge to ease people’s anxieties by visualizing the invisible through exploiting the characteristics of X-ray. ANSeeN targets the world’s first mass-production of large-size X-ray flat panel detectors (FPD) with photon-counting capability, a technique that captures each discrete photon, the elementary unit of X-ray. X-ray is not only used in medical and airport safety, but manufacturing industries have an urge of faster and accurate X-ray imaging. Electronics is embedded in everything we use in our daily life and some are crucial like stereo cameras or LiDAR in self driving systems. To prevent fatalities due to defects in the components used in such applications, we would like to contribute to the safer society through the means of the X-ray image sensors which can thoroughly find defects in the electronic components during manufacturing process.


Koike Akifumi Executive Director
Toru Aoki Director
Takaharu Okunoyama Director
Hidenori Mimura Director


High resolution, High sensitivity X-ray image sensor for industrial inside inspection equipment.

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Achievement in alliance

Partners; equipment makers, and image sensor makers: Equipment makers for PoC as a customer, and image sensor makers for fabrication partnership.


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